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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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24 June (Part 2) - Teresa Kim Jong O’Neill

The last time the mild mannered Arthur Pewty published his thoughts on Bexley’s council leader, Conservative Teresa O’Neill, he said “Personally I think we need to descend on Councillor Teresa O'Neill with flaming torches and pitchforks, as it would seem that she and her scheming cohorts are impervious to reasoned argument” and when I said “I couldn’t agree more” the silly fool saw her opportunity to get me into trouble and rushed off to call in favours with police Commander Dave Stringer. Eventually the IPCC ruled against Stringer but the Local Government Ombudsman’s Office, stuffed full of ex-council types, backed O’Neill.

Yesterday, Hugh Neal who writes the Maggott Sandwich blog, showed his exasperation with O¹Neill once again. “I think that Bexley Council would be more open and honest in its dealings if it was headed by Kim Jong-Un, rather than Teresa O’Neill. At least the North Korean dictator is starting to talk to his opponents around the world now, unlike Bexley Council, who for a second time are directly disobeying an order issued by Eric Pickles.”

Perhaps if I agree with Hugh once again I’ll ensure I have something to write about for years to come.

Incidentally, in his 23rd June blog, Hugh reveals where the weird blog name came from. Bonkers, as I think you know by now, is based on councillor John Davey’s description of Bexley’s road planning.


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