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Bonkers Blog June 2013

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10 June (Part 1) - Bexley parking services. On your side

Car in Disabled bay Car parked at bus stop Driver exifThe News Shopper carried a story two months ago set in Appold Street, Erith where Bexley’s parking contractor, NSL, thought it was a sensible and considerate thing to do to park their car in a Disabled bay while two not very Civil Enforcement Officers went walkabout down the street issuing penalty notices where they could.

In Welling High Street Bexley’s gestapo wagons frequently lurk late at night monitoring anyone who might be tempted to slip into one of the struggling small businesses for a pint of milk or a take-away. I’ve seen them hiding in their camouflage grey vehicles between other parked cars watching a bus stop across the road.

Hiding between parked cars at night without visible warning signs is arguably sneaky. Their legal obligation is to try to eliminate illegal parking not raise as much money as possible. A small piece of cardboard strapped to a lamp post is barely adequate at the best of times, let alone late in the evening and at last the message seems to have got through to the numbskulls who run Bexley’s parking services.

In a new initiative to give ample warning to errant motorists without the need to tape notices to lamp posts they have hit upon a very effective solution. Occupy the bus stop themselves. Sheer genius, what could be simpler?

So that Bexley council and NSL can identify their star employee (just visible in his blue shirted uniform in Photo 3) the vehicle registration number and photo details are provided (location on bus stop, click to enlarge). Surely such a bold initiative should not be allowed to go unrewarded?

Photo by a Welling resident.


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