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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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26 July (Part 1) - Twitter

Yesterday the BiB Twitter arrangements were changed; I felt they had become confusing. The @BonkerBexleyBot which announced new blogs was set up by an anonymous third party volunteer but quite soon after it commenced working an old friend convinced me that Twitter was quite easy to set up and use. So I stuck my toe tentatively into the water and almost certainly confused the whole issue.

When the @BonkerBexleyBot announcements occasionally fell seriously behind new blogs it highlighted the inevitable inefficiencies of a third party volunteer service and I saw no alternative to abruptly taking control by removing the link from @BonkerBexleyBot and making the announcements on @BonkersBexley.

This may well have appeared somewhat brusque and rude to the anonymous volunteer but it was only while writing this blog that I have realised that it may have been possible to communicate with the anonymous volunteer via Twitter itself. Clearly I have much to learn.

I would like to thank the anonymous volunteer for his enthusiasm to spread the word and introduce me to ‘Social Media’ and hope he will forgive the lack of consultation. Now I have even more work to do! The RSS feed will continue as usual.


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