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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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18 July (Part 1) - It’s a T junction

Sign SignI came close to losing one of my longest serving contributors yesterday. He was driving from Crook Log into Broadway and correctly observed the sign thoughtfully placed there by Bexley council and continued on his way, only to attract the wrath of a bus driver wishing to turn right out of Albion Road.

I diverted on my way to last night’s council meeting to make sure that the exit from Albion Road was adequately signed, and it was. Obviously the bus driver didn’t notice that the Magic Roundabout has been demoted to a mere T junction. Not that anyone should be too quick to blame the bus driver, Bexleyheath has been a nightmare for them over the past year - as it has been for shoppers too. Retail sales down 7·1%.

For now that junction is a T junction. Who knows what tomorrow might bring.


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