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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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13 July (Part 3) - The Magic Roundabout. It vanished overnight

Roundabout sign T junction sign T junction sign MagazineOfficially labelled a gateway the junction of Broadway and Albion Road has been confusing motorists for the past six weeks. It used to be a roundabout, the new arrangement looks like a roundabout, most drivers treat it as if it were a roundabout, but Bexley council wasn’t sure.

Approach from the west and you’d see a large roundabout sign (enlarge Photo 1) but go the other way and you’d get no indication of what lay ahead. At last the council has come off the fence. The dithering has stopped. It’s a T junction. Albeit one with no “Give Way’ markings and no legally recognised pedestrian crossing points. But due to someone’s unfathomable brain malfunction, it just happens to look like a roundabout. It also looks like an accident waiting to happen.

First photograph (badly) taken four weeks ago showing roundabout sign. Second photo shows replacement T junction sign and the third, a new one at the end of Broadway. At least the council knows what the gateway is supposed to be now but it is news to most drivers.


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