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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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12 July (Part 5) - Boy’s body, black, blue, bruised and broken

Trevor LawrieHeart broken by the news of the death of his grandson Rhys, Trevor Lawrie went to Darent Valley Hospital the next day where the police were in attendance. He found his grandson’s body, black and blue from bruising from head to toe.

He later learned a leg was broken and there had been brain damage. He exclaimed “Who has done that to him, he has been mugged by a gang with baseball bats” but the police were convinced that his mother Sadie’s explanation, that the death resulted from a fall caused by the epilepsy from which Rhys suffered, was the right one. The doctor disagreed and strongly implied murder but the police were adamant that the little boy lying in his coffin had died as a direct result of his neurological disorder and a seizure.

Why were they so keen to accept the mother’s account in the face of the glaringly obvious? Why were they there at all 24 hours after a supposed non-suspicious death?


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