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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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12 July (Part 3) - If at first you don’t succeed…

Broadway Broadway BroadwayGive them a chance, they will get it right one day.

This is what Teresa All Kneel Before Her is telling people who complain about the rearranged Broadway…

This scheme has been designed using an innovative concept of ‘shared space’ which aims to create a better balance of priorities between drivers and pedestrians. The most recognisable characteristic of shared space is the absence of street clutter, such as conventional traffic signals, barriers, signs and road markings.

Fail! The street clutter is going back in. The pictures show no signs, the wrong ‘duo’ signs and then back to one sign. You’d think a man paid £108,622 a year would get things right more often. How much does Mike Frizoni’s incompetence cost the borough?

One of this morning’s emails says that further changes have been made in the last few days so you can guess where I will be tomorrow morning.


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