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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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10 July (Part 2) - Bexley’s lie production department fails to plug the holes

News Shopper Maureen HolkhamThe News Shopper has today covered the Bexley council death by neglect story which gives it the wider circulation it deserves and extracts an excuse note from Bexley council. As you would expect of a bunch of liars it comes complete with some enlightening holes.

Ignoring the nonsense about John Cousins not being party to this incident, oh no, he was never asked to download the computer log and interpret it was he? Why would it need a relatively low level employee to point out that having only one person on duty and setting the computer’s back up emergency call number to be the same as the primary was not best practice? Surely the ability to spot the obvious is one of the justifications for paying a Deputy Director £90,543 a year?

John Cousins was clearly correct in his assertion that two operators and a proper back up number were essential as evidenced by Bexley’s belated decision to do just that.

Covering up the unfortunate death of a BELL client is bad enough, but later today I am off to look at some documents belonging to a man who alleges Bexley council covered up a murder. Whatever next?

Now in Daily Mail.


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