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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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4 July (Part 2) - The Craske affair

I still get asked occasionally what happened to what might be more correctly called the Obscene Blog affair; well it is still on the go. Elwyn Bryant has been pursuing the Crown Prosecution Service and me the police

Towards the end of what the police called an investigation, the C.P.S. said they gave Bexley police a ‘course of action’ but the police decided to close the case down. Since February Elwyn has been asking what that course of action was and events have subsequently gone like this…

E.B. Can you tell me what you recommended to Bexley police on the Craske case please? (The CPS has the papers filed under the name Peter Craske.)
C.P.S. Yes, do you want it in writing?
E.B. Yes please.

After two or three weeks…

E.B. Mr./Ms. Whatever was going to send me some information. May I speak to him/her please?
C.P.S. I’m sorry, Mr./Ms. Whatever no longer works here.

Elwyn has gone around that loop three complete times now and is currently at the third stage of the fourth attempt. Me thinks they are covering for Bexley police failures.

I have had a promise from the police to send me the case file. I suspect it won’t be any such thing and in any case it has not come yet.

Mick Barnbrook, Bexley’s F.O.I. king, asked the council for a copy of the notes taken at their meeting of 13th September 2012 when they colluded with the police and the C.P.S. to “resolve the ongoing situation”.

Mrs. Holham’s reply was as follows…
A further question asked if Mr. Tuckey had any recollection of the matters under discussion - I’m not sure that is permissible under the F.O.I. Act - but Mrs. Holkham chose to give the same answer. “Mr. Tuckley did not take any notes or minutes at the meeting.”


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