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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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4 July (Part 1) - The Beggar’s Opera

I don’t know why anyone uses the Opera web browser, I can’t even find its Tools menu to adjust the settings, but a few diehard readers persevere with it and since the weekend have been rewarded with this…

…but not any more. A kindly reader told me that a new Opera version 15 was issued on Tuesday and all is now well. So that’s great! The ‘wriggly screen’ was a corrupted Cookie on someone’s iPad and my new menu code was correct after all.

Plans for the day: To migrate the AAA and Mobile icons to the left by reader’s request. Expect some disruption while it happens. A photo sortie to Welling and a Crime and Disorder meeting in the Civic Centre; so don’t expect much new here today.

The Beggar’s Opera.


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