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Bonkers Blog July 2013

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1 July (Part 2) - Public Realm report : Round 4

Council chamberCheryl Bacon’s phantom Public Realm meeting was supposed to include a presentation of the plans for Sidcup High Street. A couple of screens with projectors had been set up so that members of the public could see what was going on. When she retired to the ‘Closed session’ councillors would have had to gather around a laptop screen. If the public had been allowed in they would have been able to see nothing of that, but as Cheryl barred access, contrary to the lies the council’s spokeswoman fed to the press, the problem did not arise.

A visual presentation may have been very informative but sadly the Agenda isn’t, but it is all we have. So much for public involvement in the plans.

There are very few bits that can be extracted to tell a coherent story but the general idea appears to be to provide a unified appearance along Sidcup High Street. Shops will be encouraged to adopt a consistent colour scheme and coordinated signage, doors, awnings, shutters and pilasters.

Sidcup Sidcup

The plan includes increased footway space and unlike Broadway, formal crossing points. Presumably increased footway width can only mean a further restriction of road width.

There will be more trees, more seats, coordinated waste bins, a general de-cluttering of street signs and cycle parking. Better car parking does not get a mention anywhere and if the de-cluttering of Broadway is any sort of guide, it will all go back in again soon enough.

The Broadway presentation almost exactly one year earlier looked to be inspiring, even if the reality is it can be heard being ridiculed by anyone who lingers by the ASDA crossing or the Magic Roundabout for a few minutes. The Sidcup Improvement Plan goes on for eight pages and manages to say very little of interest. It looks like someone has found some money and it has to be spent somehow. but shopkeepers are about to have their awnings coordinated, so that must be money well spent.

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