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Bonkers Blog January 2013

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7 January (Part 2) - Chief Superintendent Victor Olisa presides over a cesspit of corruption

Will Tuckley
The Met’s Mission Statement includes “catch offenders and support victims”. Fine words but not true. That laudable aim is subservient to looking after their own and occasionally stitching people up. The beaten up schoolboy story is a case in point but it is time I put some documentary evidence on line.

This time it concerns councillor Peter Craske - again.

In July or August 2011 - that’s the year before last - Bexley council assured Bexleyheath police that they had nothing to do with the obscene blog. It wasn’t set up on their computers and no one there had accessed it except the IT department while doing their checks and Will Tuckley who necessarily took a look after I reported it to him. He replied saying he had reported the matter to the police although every FOI designed to elicit a copy of his letter has failed to find it.

The police were wrong to take the council’s word for it, no one but the council would be permitted to pull such a stunt but in the event the council was right. The blog didn’t originate on a council computer, the police had discovered by October 2011 that it came from one connected to councillor Peter Craske’s phone line. Most people will recognise that no one else had the motive.

Eight months went by before the pressure on the police rose to the level they felt obliged to do something about it - or maybe new broom Olisa had an effect. Even then the investigating officer gave three weeks notice that he was about to raid Craske’s house but when they did Craske was arrested.

Teresa and friend BorisCouncil leader Teresa O’Neill would be worried by the developments and it seems entirely possible that she consulted her friend the Police and Crime Commissioner. Conveniently, Boris had assumed that post the month before. The fact that the police have complained of political interference tends to confirm the thought. But I’m not at all sure the police needed much encouragement to bend the rules.

On 18th October 2012 DI Steve Underwood who played a role in the notorious schoolboy saga wrote to Elwyn Bryant who wanted to consult the Crown Prosecution Service to say they were not yet involved. “The investigation will not receive a CPS case number until the point that the CPS advice is actually sought” he said.

I don’t think that is true. The CPS were consorting with Will Tuckley two months earlier. What the hell was it to do with Will Tuckley? The council was neither a suspect nor a victim. Tuckley should have had no more influence on the investigation of this case than a Bonkers reader.

The police were no better than the CPS. They were in cahoots with Tuckley too. On 24th August 2012, Victor Olisa’s deputy, Acting Superintendent Tony Gowen, wrote to Will Tuckley seeking an urgent meeting to discuss how they could “RESOLVE” the Peter Craske “situation”. How could Will Tuckley help the police to resolve it? He knew nothing about it, he had said so and the police knew it was true. Tony Gowen didn’t really mean RESOLVE, the only explanation that makes sense is that he wanted to FIX the situation.

It’s a mystery why the situation wasn’t ‘fixed’. Maybe it is because Gowen and Underwood left the borough’s police soon afterwards and a new team took over.

Without a quick explanation from the police - one has been asked for - I shall be making an allegation of an attempt to pervert the course of justice or misconduct in public office or whatever their crime is. And any doubters that the police and Bexley council have been colluding in this case should click the Met. Mission Statement above. Lucky that email just happened to fall into my hands.

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