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Bonkers Blog February 2013

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23 February (Part 1) - All’s well that ends well. Director of Customer and Corporate Services proves his worth

It is extremely rare for me to be on the receiving end of a communication from anyone at Bexley council which is perhaps a shame. I suspect if Tuckley and O’Neill had not waved my name around Bexleyheath police station two years ago because of the infamous Pitchforks and Flaming Torches metaphor first published by Arthur Pewty (choose The Shrine on the left because his bookmark/anchor doesn’t seem to work) but instead spoke to me about it, things may have been rather different around here. Unfortunately neither have ever shown any sign of possessing any common sense. But not everyone at the top of the tree at the Civic Centre is cast in the same mould.

When Kevin Fox was ranting about me sitting in the wrong seat it was Mr. Paul Moore, Director of Customer and Corporate Services, who remembered what the law said. He was the only council officer who understood the complainant and made a serious attempt to bring the two year KFC parking story to an end and just three weeks ago I described him rather ungraciously as the least bent of Bexley’s top brass.

Overnight Mr. Moore has updated me with the latest news about the Great Agenda Saga. He confirms that the minutes were posted to the council’s website yesterday and Mr. Moore kindly provided the link (PDF). Whether they went up after I looked or I failed to spot them is not clear but on the balance of probabilities I think I may have been guilty of not checking some third party information and looking in the wrong place.

Mr. Moore says “I shall expect any report that you give to be accurate in this regard” and he is absolutely right to expect that. I hate inaccuracy and have consequently modified the final two sentences of the penultimate paragraph of yesterday’s Part 4 blog to ensure that it doesn’t imply something it shouldn’t. Accuracy is paramount though it might not be 100% all the while Bexley council remains the most secretive in London. No recording of meetings, frequent non-compliance with the Freedom of Information Act, secret underhand meetings with the police to ensure their criminals get special treatment.


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