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Bonkers Blog February 2013

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11 February (Part 3) - More law breaking by Bexley council

Temporary parking restrictions Temporary parking restrictionsOne of my earliest attempts to expose Bexley council’s dishonest parking regime was way back in September 2009 when I kept my eye on developments in Abbey Road, Belvedere. The regular morning commuters arrived and didn’t see the temporary restriction that had been placed nearby the previous evening. Not surprising really because the notice had been erected beyond the end of the free parking bays. Shhh. Don’t tell them they are still free.

The second photo shows the bays that end where the CPZ zone starts but the notice and the road works were some distance ahead - within the CPZ - of the bays that Bexley council claimed had been restricted. Click the second photo for a better view.

I advised the totally useless ward councillor John Davey of what had happened but he didn’t think my message was worthy of a reply.

No authorisationVery recently my colleague John Watson of the Bexley Council Monitoring Group suffered a similar fate. He parked right under the sign which said he could park for an hour and when he returned he found a yellow notice draped over that same sign and a ticket on his windscreen.

But perhaps he need not worry. According to a BBC report and a programme due for broadcast at 19:30 this evening, Bexley council has no authority to put up their flimsy cardboard notices.

I once saw Bexley council paint yellow lines around an already parked car and ticket it immediately. The Traffic Order had not yet come into effect. I wrote to Bexley council about it and they said that as they couldn’t synchronise everything for the very same day and painting lines after the date of the Order would lose revenue, they had no reasonable alternative but to introduce and enforce the lines earlier. Oh yes you have Bexley council. But the alternative involves not breaking the law. Not your forté is it?

This incident is about ten years old now, but Bexley’s letter is still tucked away in my files somewhere. (Old report on the issue.)


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