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Bonkers Blog December 2013

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24 December - Silent Knight

Woodside School Well that's it, another year effectively over, one step forward (recording of council meetings) and one step back (yet another Conservative councillor exposed as a liar).

Many thanks to those who sent Christmas greetings, something I rather neglected this year. I rather liked the comment from the secretary of the Sidcup Community Group who said “Just imagine what Bexley council would be like if nobody was watching”.

Another Paul L. sent me a long ‘poem’ set to the well known Gilbert & Sullivan tune from The Pirates of Penzance and entitled Bandits of Bexley, which put the boot pretty firmly into Bexley council’s backside which I am still in two minds about publishing, and someone who has made something of a study of Bexley’s child care services sent me a ‘Christmas Card’ bearing the associated picture. No it’s not the Belsen Concentration Camp in 1945, it’s Bexley’s Special Needs School, Woodside.

Lastly something I forgot to do when I first noticed it a week ago. I haven’t seen as much in recent months of the Bexley care workers who visit a disabled friend four times a day. These, frequently very young, women are paid a penny above minimum wage on zero hours contracts and no travel expenses to maintain councillor Chris Taylor’s proud boast that he pays the contractors less than any other nearby borough. The thing I forgot to mention is that Teresa Pearce, MP for Erith and Thamesmead is collecting information about the practice. You may see what she has to say on her website and there is a survey form for care workers to leave comments.

And that really is it. Happy Christmas everyone!


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