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Bonkers Blog December 2013

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9 December - Outlook depressing

I have been trying to make sense of Will Tuckley’s letter and spent several hours drafting an email response today. Unfortunately I have discovered that Microsoft Outlook has been saving only the first few words of my email so after I took a break and turned off the computer I found that it had lost everything. Unbelievably this phenomenon is repeatable, test emails save to Drafts but subsequent saves do not update it. I was quite pleased with my initial email but the second attempt is turning out to be rather different and I’m not sure it is good enough yet.

I shall sleep on it until tomorrow, meanwhile here’s a blog I wrote a few days ago and decided wasn’t good enough, but thanks to Bill Gates and his inadequate software it looks like nothing better is available - and several readers have said I shouldn’t let up on Bexley council even for a day. Probably they are right.

It must be difficult for a man not present at Cheryl Bacon’s meeting to argue convincingly against someone who was and took timed notes of every development, especially so when that man cannot consult more widely than Cheryl herself for fear of uncovering the truth. Probably that is why Will Tuckley has to resort to repeating her lies.
Extract from Will Tuckley's letter
Whilst I did “engage” with committee staff before the meeting the engagement was not of my choosing. John Adams chose to brusquely eject me from my chosen desk and in return I told him in similar terms that I would have to insist on him providing me with another as the law requires. I apologised to the doorman for putting him to the trouble of finding another table because i had previously told him I wouldn’t require one.

I’m not sure if “commenting on the position” is a reference to the stand off over recording or the location of the provided table but the fact is I commented on neither.

Stuck for a sensible argument Tuckley comes up with this nonsense…
Extract from Will Tuckley's letter
Everyone was sitting in the seats to which committee officer John Adams had directed us. Me in solitary splendour well away from everyone else. What further steps was I supposed to take?

It is not clear from Tuckley’s letter whether he has totally ignored my request to consult with the councillor who spent much of the meeting looking in my direction or not. If he did one might have expected him to say so but on the other hand there is the implication that he agrees I said nothing but everyone was excluded because all the attendees at the meeting were known to each other.

I think I should ask him for clarification before referring the case elsewhere.


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