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Bonkers Blog August 2013

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16 August (Part 1) - If you want to know the time, ask a policeman. Except in Bexley

AylingWhen councillor Colin Campbell went on TV and said “There is a small group with a history of disrupting meetings and being abusive” he was effectively libelling Nick Dowling, who was easily identifiable having been named in several newspapers, and all of his associates.

When Campbell said it was “quite obvious from the beginning they were there to disrupt the meeting” he lied about all the members of the public present including the Labour candidate for Lesnes ward in 2014. No one had an inkling of what Nicholas had in mind before arriving at the Civic Centre when he surprised all his associates with a whispered announcement.

Mick Barnbrook thought it justified a complaint to the council, a complaint still not answered.

To add to his knowledge of what had gone on Mick asked the police in a Freedom of Information request to tell him the time they had received the council’s call. (CAD: Computer Aided Dispatch.)

Click to read the complete question.

The reply has come from the Borough Commander, Superintendent Peter Ayling personally. He says that the time recorded in his log is personal information. Where have I heard that before?
How can a time infringe someone’s privacy? Maybe Peter Ayling is as corrupt as all his predecessors and exists primarily to protect his political masters. Bexley police has a long history of such behaviour.

• They refused to take action when a council leader ran off with more than £2,000 of public funds.
• They threatened arrest of two bloggers when council leader Teresa O’Neill made up a story and demanded their action.
• They brought trumped up charges against a blogger when a councillor concocted a statement which didn’t accord with the evidence that had been collected.
• They told lies about their investigation into Bexley council’s obscene blog and pretended to have carried out investigations when they hadn’t.
• They did nothing when Bexley council’s negligent mismanagement led to an elderly lady dying alone with an unanswered emergency call pendant around her neck.
• They succumbed to political interference after tracing obscene messages to councillor Peter Craske’s telephone line.
• They ignored a CPS guidance note and ensured councillor Craske was never charged.

And now Superintendent Peter Ayling abuses the law by making out a time taken from a log is personal information. There will be a complaint, but last time that happened the corruption extended to raising the stakes from ’Personal Information’ to ‘Not in the Public Interest’.


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