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Bonkers Blog August 2013

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11 August (Part 2) - Confusion is profitable

NoticeSomeone has to check Bexley council’s Legal Notices and it might as well be me, they are sometimes informative but I’m not sure this one (click extract) signed by Mike Frizoni is; not if you don’t live nearby and need to drive to Lesnes Abbey.

Abbey RoadAbbey RoadIt concerns some Thames Water works planned for Abbey Road, Belvedere alongside Lesnes Abbey where it allows free parking on the south side (Photo 1). It’s usually full up with commuters by 7 a.m. The north side (Photo 2) has a long stretch of double yellow lines.

The Notice warns against parking either 25 metres east or west of No. 4 Bright Close. Is it supposed to be some sort of puzzle? How can it be sensible to disallow parking in Abbey Road by referring to distances measured from a different road? The same warning is affixed to a pole in Abbey Road.

Local people might be able to work it out. Bright Close runs parallel to Abbey Road and the rear gardens extend back to Abbey Road but a six foot brick wall hides them from view. There is no reason why someone intending to park in Abbey Road should know anything about Bright Close or even its existence.

It doesn’t help that the only street notice warning about the suspension of parking is on the north side of the road affixed to a pole midway along a length of double yellow lines. Lines that indicate ‘No Parking at Any Time’ are effectively modified by a Notice saying there will be No Parking for two days. Confused? Good, Mike Frizoni will be rubbing his Fagin-like hands together.

There are no warnings at all alongside the parking bays which are to be suspended where a driver might have some chance of seeing one. In all probability cones will be put out early on the day work starts but that is no consolation to someone who parks there overnight who has no chance of seeing a warning notice adjacent to the parking bays because there are none. Bexley council has played this trick in Abbey Road before.

A notice placed on the south side of the road banning parking for 50 metres west of the entrance to Lesnes Abbey would make perfect sense but Mike Frizoni has provided neither of those things. Presumably he needs as many parking fines as possible to fund his £108,622 a year.


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