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Bonkers Blog August 2013

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5 August (Part 2) - Belvedere ASDA opens despite the initial opposition from Bexley council

There was a carnival atmosphere in Belvedere this morning when the new ASDA store opened its doors for the first time. A bright green balloon flew overhead but the local Conservative councillor, Kerry Allon, who totally misjudged the mood of his electorate by trying to stop the new store getting planning permission was nowhere to be seen. It later transpired that the petition he had supported had been rigged. Another supermarket chain was behind it.

Allon’s Labour counterpart Gill MacDonald was floating around but she ignored me as Labour councillors generally do.

Bexley Stables Slades Livery Vicarage Road Horse Transport

The opening ceremony was graced by the presence of deputy mayor Geraldene Lucia-Hennis wielding an enormous pair of scissors.

Bexley Stables Slades Livery Vicarage Road Horse Transport

MayorPresumably Belvedere is far too down market to attract the attention of mayor Sharon Massey but even the substitute mayor couldn’t be bothered to dress up for the occasion, looking no different to any other woman in the queue. A poor show really but Belvedere is to the North of the borough and should be used to being rated second class by Bexley council by now.

As the final picture shows, the mayor looks a lot better in lace than an old black jumper, but at least her husband consort looked the part.


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