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Bonkers Blog April 2013

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29 April - Address request addressed

“Are you dead” said a cheeky message this morning just because I took the weekend off. No, but having driven Bexley council underground - rare meetings, few responses to questions - the information flow may be.

Obviously council leader Teresa O’Neill is not going to admit to breaking the law by insisting that residents could only be fully involved with democracy if they agreed to their addresses being published on line, that would demand a degree of honesty, but she does seem to have mended her ways recently. At the first sign of that the councillors’ addresses which were taken from the Register of Members Interests and listed on this site were removed from view. Technically speaking they were only hidden, the raw data was still available to those who knew about such things; but not any more.

Most councillor’s addresses are now available via a Bexley council webpage though about a dozen of them claim the information leaves them at severe risk of violence. It’s a lie of course. More than half London’s councillors who claim that exemption live in the safest borough in London - Bexley. It doesn’t make sense.

The old Rogues Gallery page which has existed since the day this website was launched has been considerably revised, not only is the address data entirely removed, the page has been renamed to something less contentious.

Councillors used to be listed, party leaders and their deputies first, followed by an alphabetic sequence but by reader request it is now in simple Surname sequence with an alternative Ward sequence available from a button. ‘Rogues Gallery’ is redirected to the Surname list for the benefit of search engine indexing or Favourites listings.


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