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Bonkers Blog April 2013

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3 April (Part 2) - Interest undeclared

Civil Enforcement OfficersMichael TarrantA couple of weeks ago, Mr. Bill Leman who writes regularly to the News Shopper, said in their pages that Bexley’s parking wardens are recruited on the basis that they are “rude and unpleasant” and must “cause motorists the utmost pain and distress”.

I have engaged several Civil Enforcement Officers in conversation whilst taking photographs and apart from the gang pictured who demanded I hand over my camera I have never found any to be rude or unpleasant or anything remotely like that. However their procedures probably are engineered to cause pain and distress. Why can’t they cancel their own mistakes? Fear of bribery I suppose.

Bill Leman’s letter was ill-judged, there’s not much doubt about that, and perhaps one should expect nothing else from someone who wrote to the News Shopper to say how wonderful it is and wrote to another local paper to criticise the Shopper!

Mr. Leman has attracted criticism in today’s edition of the News Shopper but I didn’t spend much time researching who was taking the opportunity to boost Bexley council. The name Michael Tarrant of Bellegrove Road, Welling needs no research by anyone who attends Bexley council meetings. Presumably if the councillor had owned up to his position the Shopper’s letters editor would have said so. Once again we can see Bexley council at its open and transparent best.


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