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Bonkers Blog December 2012

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21 December - Highland games

Highland Road one-wayA reader asks why the traffic disruption in Highland Road is going to last twice as long as that in Broadway. See the details below.

It might be a mistake but on the other hand Highland Road is to be permanently shut as part of the Tesco development on the current Civic Centre site and work will start on that just as the Broadway chaos comes to an end.

Just how much Tesco paid Bexley council to permanently deprive residents of the use of a cross town shortcut isn’t known. The public was excluded from the relevant meeting although according to councillors present they weren’t allowed to know either. Transparency Bexley style.

Another thing that may be a mistake is part of a recent letter from the police describing how councillor Peter Craske’s phone line was used to set up Bexley council’s obscene blog. I can’t make up my mind if the explanation is extremely poor or whether it is deliberate obfuscation. It certainly isn't totally correct and maybe almost 100% wrong. Neither does it have any real relevance to the initial failed investigation. The critical question was surely the source IP address, not the one that Google happened to be running the blog on at the time.

If there are any experts out there who recognises the following text as an accurate explanation of what is involved in setting up a Google Blogspot I would be pleased to hear from them.

Police letter
PC Nolan is an MIB (Intelligence Bureau) officer. At the time of her report the blog had not been removed.


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