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Bonkers Blog August 2012

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Old Farm

28 August - John Waring. Not environmental health, just a mental elf.

Found in Rita Grootendorst's gardenBexley council's 'letter' to Rita GrootendorstI dropped in on Rita Grootendorst on Saturday, she and her husband were busy tidying up after the builder. On the way in I had to negotiate stored building materials, there is very little room to keep the front garden organised. One item made me think that Rita was expecting another visit from her favourite stalker, John Waring of Bexley council’s environmental health department.

Rita told me that Waring had been around on 15th August and left what a covering note calls a letter. If two well filled lever arch files is a letter perhaps the Guinness Book of Records should be told about it. It will have kept Waring employed for a week or two preparing that, one must wonder if he ever does anything that is not obsessively spiteful. As usual his intent is to bog Rita down with worry and anxiety. As if to prove it, just six days later he had the council’s rather unpleasant solicitor write to her complaining that Rita had not yet responded.

I cannot imagine any Court official reading through it any more than I was able to in an hour or so but I did note that much of what Rita has written is dismissed as “a tirade” and often she is not answered. I also found photographs purporting to be of dangerous structures. viz. a small quantity of wood stored on top of a polycarbonate roof when if the camera had been pointed in the opposite direction it would have recorded a similar scene in a neighbour’s garden.

Bexley council said in the latest letter that if Rita does not respond immediately they will assume she agrees with what they say about her. Always unreasonable, constantly vindictive.

While reading Rita‘s ‘letter’ a short but ferocious thunderstorm broke out putting her new roof to the test. There was a minor leak around an unfinished roof light so it coped reasonably well which is more than one can say for Bexley council’s drainage system. This was what I encountered on the way home.
The scenes shown here are repeated after every significant rainfall and ignored by Bexley council for more than 25 years. If only they would do what we pay them for rather than persecute pensioners who have won awards for their garden.

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