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Bonkers Blog April 2012

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20 April (Part 3) - Gone but not forgotten

Lesnes Abbey Conservatives website amendedIt seems that the criminal loving council leader O’Neill was a bit slow off the mark getting on to Davey & Co. about their website comments in support of Elwyn Bryant’s petition; but the first bit of honesty to be seen on a Conservative website for many a long year has now been consigned to the Recycle Bin. Next time you want to make your views known chaps and chapess, just sign Elwyn’s petition, 2,222 would have been a nice number to have. See original announcement.

As I have this big empty space going to waste may I mention which allows you to pose questions and listen to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner. I don’t suppose for a moment that he will entertain questions on corrupt councils, but you never know.

Did you see the new police commander featured in the Bexley Times? What does he mean by “I asked to be given a borough commander’s post, Bexley will be a good place to start”. Doesn’t look like he has any commitment to the borough and is planning his next career move already. Just as we were getting used to Dave Stringer and thinking he may not have been so bad after all we get someone who thinks it is newsworthy that he “aims to keep crime levels low”. No flies on him then; he knows what a copper is supposed to do. Enough to get you fast tracked to Chief Superintendent rank in today’s Met. God help us.


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