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Bonkers Blog September 2011

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20 September - Perks of the job - Click image for photo gallery (1 image)

Gestapo wagonPity the poor salesman, deliveryman, meter reader etc. who needs to get around Bexley trying to find a place to park near to where he needs to go. He must waste several hours every week. How nice it would be for them if they could just apply to the council for an exemption certificate which would allow stopping on a yellow line any time they liked. Well I have news for them, they can. However the snag is that applicants must work for Bexley council. One rule for them…

It’s amazing what you can pick up from speaking to a council employee. The one that gave me that little snippet of information told me that Bexley council’s standard response if the subject of this website should crop up is first to express ignorance of it and if that fails to say that almost everything you read here is wrong. Some things are of course wrong. The various reports about the unnecessary outing to the Flackley Ash Hotel were wrong because Bexley council didn’t tell the truth which initially fooled lots lots people and the local press. Why Bexley council prefers to muddy the waters rather than come out with the whole truth in simple matters like a beano to a seaside hotel remains one of life’s mysteries. Presumably if they allow even the smallest chink in their suit of armour it will expose it as a can of worms, if you will excuse the metallic metaphor.


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