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Bonkers Blog October 2011

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22 October (Part 1) - The Contact form and Internet Explorer 6

The Contact form presented considerable technical difficulties; it shouldn’t have done but it did. Because the Bonkers server refuses to send messages back to itself, the ISP’s decision, not mine, the messages are being sent to a Hotmail account. Hotmail unfortunately sees them as spam and dumps them. To overcome this the Contact form sends its messages with a fake From address (mine) and Hotmail has been set to accept it as a safe sender. As always there is a snag. If when sending a message the Reply email address is omitted it will not be rejected because the secondary (fake) email address takes its place. Such messages cannot receive a reply. No effort will be made to correct that failing because it unintentionally allows messages to be sent totally anonymously.

I had an opportunity to check out the site on Internet Explorer 6 yesterday. The ‘Pickle jar’ wasn’t positioned precisely as I expected but to my alarm the drop down menu wasn't appearing at all. This has prompted dusting off a ten year old computer and installing the original version of Windows XP which includes Internet Explorer 6. That has allowed the following problems to be fixed…

• The flipping book pages in the June 2011 and July 2011 blogs are now correctly positioned.
• The dates of blog entries now appear in the correct colour green. IE6 was allowing the link colour of red to take precedence over the font colour.
• The menus have been restored. (Navigation is possible without the menu drop down but is cumbersome.)


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