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Bonkers Blog October 2011

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2 October - Collusion? - Click any image for photo gallery (4 images)

Netting on a shed roofNetting being removedScrap dealerSomething that has been reported more than once is that influential offenders against planning conditions are tipped off by Bexley council before they carry out an inspection. No one has ever been able to provide documentary evidence so such reports are not a lot of use, but last week something happened which suggests there may be some truth in the stories.

The first photo on the left was taken on my first visit to the ‘fairy grotto’ garden. It shows the complainant’s garden buildings to be a worse eyesore than the lady Bexley council has been hounding. The following day I showed it and some similar ones to the council inspector, John Waring. The rubbish has been on the shed roof for a year or more but by one of those strange coincidences, less than a week later it was taken away.

If it wasn’t a coincidence it would have been because the untidy garden owner had seen the pictures here or Bexley council had tipped him off that having a less tidy garden than the neighbour he was complaining about might not do his case any good.

While I was taking the photos of the rubbish removal someone asked if I was the victim’s solicitor. I said “No” and briefly explained what I was doing. At the time I was unaware that person was the complaining neighbour but he didn’t have a clue what I was talking about or anything of this website; so it seems reasonable to conclude that the rubbish removal was a huge coincidence or Bexley council does indeed take sides and assist those with which it has links or against those who have criticised it in the past.

The scrap men were of East European origin. It looked as though they had recently acquired the truck from a North London electrical contractor. Maybe Bexley council could check the truck out and if the owners have no waste licence, prosecute the complaining neighbour for illegal waste disposal. The vehicle registration number and other details are clearly visible in the photo gallery.


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