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Bonkers Blog May 2011

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30 May (Part 4) - And now they have gone completely bonkers

Take a look at this, it’s not for the easily offended but it is the perfect illustration of what sort of people are governing Bexley and I don’t just mean the bad spelling. There is quite a lot of information on that blog which is known only to a couple of council officers and some Bexley councillors. It’s not secret stuff in the sense that I am upset by it being made public but it has never been mentioned on this blog and very few people know it, all of them are to be found at the Civic Offices. It is yet more proof that Bexley council is prepared to engage in criminal activity to try to keep residents quiet.

Perhaps I should explain a little. Elwyn Bryant and I booked a 2 pm appointment to visit the Civic Offices on Friday 19th May to look at the Register of Members’ Interests, as is our civic right. We left at 3:55 but before 9 o’clock next morning our visit was posted in scurrilous terms on a blog purporting to be mine. While at the Civic Office we were constantly under escort by a polite young council official and met two others, one known to me, on the way out. No one outside the council apart from Elwyn’s wife knew we were there but next day we are blogged and accused of sexual activity together in a council office.

It is true (as blogged) that I looked inside the Cinema car park with Nicholas Dowling, but he isn’t my type; we were not caught there kissing by Olly Cromwell as our council spy has blogged. Why is someone associated with Bexley council following us around town anyway?

Neither have Elwyn or I or any of the Bonkers Team spent money on an Ancestry subscription or on copies of wedding certificates. I had an Ancestry sub. until about three years ago and after logging nearly 5,000 relations grew tired of it but it left me reasonably proficient at genealogy research. Neither do Nicholas and I engage in “a good old sh*g” as our anonymous council insider has stated.

I’ve no idea who it is at Bexley council that thinks accusations of homosexuality against me or any of the team behind Bonkers will have any effect on us. Presumably it comes from a homophobe but such claims, along with raided dustbins, and Harassment Letters are all water off the duck’s back. The only thing I might be upset about is that the Profile photo isn’t of me.


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