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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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16 March (Part 4) - Craske’s gestapo

After last night’s council meeting and the Bonkers inquest that followed I got on the bus home. Usually I sit over the engine at the back for warmth but too many other passengers had the same idea so I took the front seat upstairs and got a very different view of Bexley’s night-life.

As we went along Erith Road, near Barnehurst station (it was 22:28) I spotted the $camera wagon parked outside some take-away shops. I was prepared to give the gestapo the benefit of the doubt (a mistake obviously) and assume he was getting himself a pizza, but by coincidence a long time reader has just sent in a near identical late-night report involving take-aways. This was at a place where pavement parking is permitted but everyone who backed out necessarily hesitated for a second or two on a double yellow before they drove off. Those few seconds earned them a ticket. The bastards. It’s the same technique they employ to trap motorists carrying out essential manoeuvres in Blackfen.

It seems that our motorcycling friends NoToMob who are still planning on visiting Bexley will have to burn some late night oil. If the gestapo had put notices on lamp posts I doubt they would be obvious, black and white signs at night, but then that would be the general idea.


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