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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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14 March (Part 3) - Thames Innovation Centre

One of my associates has been poking his nose into the affairs of The Thames Innovation Centre, the Bexley council venture with its former manager now awaiting trial at Woolwich Crown Court. The last published accounts (2010) lists among the names of its directors, Teresa Ann Jude O’Neill, Colin Edward Campbell, John Waters and Linda Jacqueline Bailey. Its turnover was £656,219 and It made a loss of £16,594. You may recognise the names, they are all Bexley councillors. The TIC employed six people at a cost of £168,950 per annum and the directors pocketed £42,400.

I am no accountant and I am having this checked out but it looks to me as though the TIC which is supposed to be some sort of Bexley council flagship enterprise and signposted from most main roads is a drain on us council tax payers but is a nice little earner for the Fat Controller and her cronies. No money for disabled kids but enough to fill their own pockets. The more you find out about them the more dishonourable they look.


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