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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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7 March (Part 5) - Craske’s department. Wickedness and waste

When I launched this site I had in mind producing a permanent record of Bexley council’s worst excesses, stupidity, spite and corruption. To this end I regularly extracted stories from newspapers and published web pages based on them which unlike the papers weren’t going to be thrown in the recycling bin at the end of the week. A catalogue of shame. There are many such pages littered across this site linked from the menus above but with so much material now flowing in that is not such a practical proposition as it takes too long and is arguably not the best way to ensure everything is seen. The Miscellany menu includes a link to Latest additions but I get the impression it is not much used, hence the increasing use of the blog. However today I have added a new page, it is listed elsewhere under ‘Parking harassment’ and it may help to illustrate why TLC’s parking department is so heavily overstaffed compared to the lean one in Newham that manages to run its CPZs at no direct cost to residents. The new report, though not of a recent incident, displays not only the sheer wickedness of people like Craske and Tina Brooks (parking manager) but also their willingness to pour our money down the drain in pursuit of petty vendettas. Not unlike the one I reported last Saturday.


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