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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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6 March (Part 2) - Why would anyone risk being seen as a paedophile’s friend?

Councillor Colin CampbellToday’s newspapers are full of criticism of Prince Andrew for having a convicted sex offender for a friend. Obviously he is now going to run fast in the opposite direction; very wise too. Did you know we may have a similar situation here in Bexley? No one is convicted yet but there has been an arrest and charge.

It all came to light down at Bexley council’s Thames Innovation Centre which is part of councillor Colin Campbell’s (St. Mary’s, £22,650) domain. Well not to light exactly it wasn’t broadcast from the rooftops. The story is that a female council employee whispered her concerns to her line manager who unfortunately for her was up to no good himself. The report escalated to Campbell who said all was well and sacked the whistleblower just to be on the safe side. He subsequently heard her appeal and threw that out too; no surprise there, judge, jury and executioner all wrapped up in one is how democracy works in Bexley.

Before the sacking however the Innovation Centre manager was arrested for child pornography offences so it’s not as though Campbell didn’t know the whistleblower had a point but as we have seen he went ahead with her sacking and for good measure kept on the manager who the police evidently thought was a bad ‘un. Not even a suspension on full pay. Unlike the Prince who has the sense to run away fast, Campbell gave support to the accused. Is Campbell totally witless or is he in hock to wrong-doers who have a hold over him?

Things have now moved on, Campbell’s right hand man is awaiting committal for trial at Woolwich Crown Court while the whistleblower languishes jobless trying to pick up the pieces of her life.

A council insider phoned me last week to say that Campbell is “one of the protected”. It was explained that he has been a councillor for so long that he knows all the dirty dealings of fellow councillors and vice-versa. They are all in it as deeply as each other and there is no hope left for honesty. I don’t know about that but I wouldn’t be surprised. Maybe the court will shed a little light on things and whatever else is yet to befall councillor Colin Campbell.


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