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Bonkers Blog March 2011

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4 March (Part 1) -

I should have explained what the item below is all about and saved a few enquiring emails. It is information cut and pasted from a web page discovered by a Google search for Bexley is Bonkers. It shows that someone called Philip Read from Erith paid a company called Fasthosts £9.49 plus VAT last week to register for him a so-called Top Level Domain, a dot com in this case. A Top Level Domain is considered more prestigious than a mere co dot uk but carries with it extra liabilities. One of these is that every detail relating to the registrant must be displayed on-line. Inevitably search engines will soon pick it up, hence the address details displayed below.

In my opinion it is the height of folly to register any domain using an email address of any value as its appearance on a website is a guaranteed way to attract spam, but the cat is out of the bag and it’s now available in a variety of places. I have slightly mangled it here as I would not want to make the problem worse but its inclusion does imply a certain degree of naivety in such matters.

At the present time there is no indication that any email address or web page is associated with but presumably that will come, otherwise what is the point? Neither do I have any idea why councillor Philip Read has made this move; all I can say about it is that I am delighted by the fact that Philip has joined the growing band of councillors who have acknowledged this site in one way or another.


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