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Bonkers Blog June 2011

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16 June - Bexley council is listening - to Bonkers!

It didn’t take long for someone at Bexley council to read here that their website advertised parking times had been wrong for more than a week and amend it. Not very clearly, they just removed all reference to the times. Why don’t they clearly state that their greed is now 24/7?

Parking regulations
I received an unsigned letter from the police this morning. “We are sorry to learn you have been the victim of an alleged crime. [etc.] Some parts of any investigation are protracted and are often not always achievable in days or sometimes weeks.” I appreciate it’s a standard letter churned out by the ‘Crime Management Unit’ but asking Mr. Tuckley, the council leader and Chris Loynes, Head of Democratic Services “who dunnit” shouldn’t take long - unless of course the police and council are together hatching up some ingenious excuse.


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