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Bonkers Blog July 2011

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19 July (Part 1) - Dustbin men more sensible than council directors

Daily Mail headlineOn Saturday I posted some Before and After pictures taken at North Cray Road illustrating how a spiteful act by Bexley council had deprived some residents of their only on street parking. None of them can park anywhere near their own houses unless they pave over their front garden.

A blog reader passing by yesterday morning snapped this Bexley council refuse lorry collecting bottles and plastics parked in the old layby. It was thoughtful of the driver not to block the entire road in front of the North Cray Road houses. If the driver of a council refuse lorry has the sense to realise that the best place to park without causing anyone a problem is adjacent to the roundabout, how is it that Bexley council’s directors on four times the average national wage don’t possess sufficient brain cells to come to the same conclusion? Probably because their only concern is revenue raising from parking fines.


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