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Bonkers Blog December 2011

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16 December (Part 2) - Do you believe in coincidence?

James Hunt's blogA month ago today I provided a link to the unexpurgated obscene blog and a couple of days later a link to a blog purporting to be by councillor James Hunt’s dog Jasper. It didn’t prove a thing of course although some of you believed it did.

Part of my complaint about Bexleyheath police is that they said on 23rd August 2011 that the obscene blog with my name in its address had “been removed” which wasn’t true and proved the “data specialist” they claimed to have employed was either incompetent or more likely was a figment of someone’s imagination. I drew that fact to Chief Superintendent Stringer’s attention eight days ago and the ‘empty’ obscene blog remained on line until a day or two ago. Then it entirely disappeared, I’m surprised it wasn’t deleted long ago but some criminals aren’t very bright. It’s an odd coincidence that immediately after I asked Borough Commander Stringer to check it out with Google it should disappear. But that may be a relatively minor coincidence.

Showing immense restraint I have never told you about one of councillor James Hunt’s blogs. I’ve mentioned others but never this particular one. Its address is (or perhaps was) The image above shows an extract from one of the entries on cllrjhunt.blogspot. I might have suggested you read it but I would be wasting your time. That blog disappeared from my view too. I used to be able to get it easily, now I can’t. I have no explanation for that. Perhaps you might come up with some reason for malcolmknight.blogspot and cllrjhunt.blogspot disappearing at the same time just after I suggested that CS Stringer check out their respective IDs.

Google search resultsNote: I have recent screen shots of the whole of James Hunt’s blog that I am not able to see now. I have had several other computer users check they too are having the same problem so I doubt it’s a peculiarity of my computer or my ISP. If you Google for ‘cllrjhunt blogspot’ you can find it in Google’s cache and read its opening sentence. It will probably disappear from Google soon. Yes of course I have taken screenshots of everything. What do you take me for? Unfortunately these events could all be down to coincidence. The innocent as well as the guilty may wish to distance themselves from anything even remotely connected to Bexley’s obscene blogging.


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