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Bonkers Blog August 2011

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28 August (Part 2) - A lucky escape

email from BBCBexley council has had a lucky escape. I have long thought that sooner or later their law-breaking tendencies and shunning of almost every government guideline would get them into trouble, so when an email arrived bearing the signature shown to the left I thought the day might have come, as sooner or later it will.

It would appear that the Radio 4 programme, Beyond Westminster is planning a feature on “armchair auditors” blogging in support of the government’s Big Society and presumably reporting on the obstacles put in their way by councils hell-bent on operating under the cloak of secrecy. Unfortunately as negotiations progressed it became clear I was not able to participate in this particular programme (†) and without a great deal of thought suggested they contacted Mrs. Angry of the Broken Barnet blog instead. Naturally I don't think that blog is anything like as incisive as Bonkers but maybe the broken borough of Barnet doesn’t provide the blogger with the daily stream of wrong-doing as kindly provided by Bexley council. So with some reluctance I passed the baton to North London and I hope if the BBC made contact with Mrs. A. she used it to good effect. I have lost contact with the BBC on this issue now, but my recollection is that the programme was scheduled for next Saturday at 11:00.

Meanwhile we have the TV to look forward to.

† For personal reasons I would prefer to keep from Bexley council; but next time, they won’t be relevant.


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