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Bonkers Blog August 2011

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19 August (Part 1) - Councillor Craske, fiddling with statistics again

You may have forgotten councillor Craske’s imagined survey on Resident Parking Permits. He claimed at a council meeting to have conducted a survey to determine whether Bexley residents were happy with their Controlled Parking Zone scheme. A Freedom of Information request revealed it to be a complete lie. No survey had been conducted. In the face of constant criticism he is now claiming to have conducted another survey. It’s not exactly unbiased; he and his Tory cronies did it. This time the claim is that parking charges in Bexley are cheaper than elsewhere. Among the gems he has come up with is that it costs more to park in Stratford (Newham council) by the Olympic Park and their new shopping centre and the railway station that has more interchange facilities than any other in London, with the place his policies have nearly driven to commercial extinction; Sidcup. Not exactly like for like is it and he overlooks mentioning that Newham doesn’t charge residents for parking outside their own homes nor their visitors, whereas Craske charges residents here an astronomical £100 a year based on figures he conjured up out of the air.

He attempts to run down Newham for being Labour controlled and by implication inefficient, but somehow they manage to take all residents’ unwanted items away, beds, cookers, sofas etc. at no charge whereas in Bexley the fee is, what has it just gone up to? £29 an item I think. Newham is much cheaper for council tax too, £183 a year cheaper on a Band D property,

In similar cretinous vein Craske has discovered that to park in the tourist centre of Greenwich costs more than anywhere in Bexley. Well, well, what a surprise. Where is Bexley’s equivalent of the Maritime Museum, Royal Observatory and the Queen’s House?

Craske has posted his survey on the Conservative’s website - I’ve not checked yet if it is the one hosted on The Arts Council’s website. If you have five minutes to waste go and look at it. It’s the same stupid lying website that alleges that one of Bexley’s Labour councillors didn’t know there was a railway station in Bexleyheath and another doesn’t know where Erith is. It is the same stupid lying website that claims that Bexley has one of the lowest council tax rates when it is 24th out of the 32 London Boroughs. Bexley Conservatives: they just can’t stop lying; and to think I gave them my votes!


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