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Bonkers Blog April 2011

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14 April (Part 1) - Where next?

I am soft pedalling on Bonkers for a few days; it is because of the infamous letter but not in the way that Bexleyheath (sic) council will have hoped for. While certain unspoken developments drift towards their conclusion I am busy assembling a collection of documents you haven’t seen before which should make Bexley council squirm. Episode one by Monday with any luck.

Until this week I found myself fielding relatively straight-forward questions about parking tickets and the like hoping that one of them might make an interesting story for the blog; now thanks to Bexley council’s assistance on the site publicity front I find myself in conversation with Sunday Newspapers and hoping that Bexley council will make an interesting story for their front page. Pandora’s box got opened!

There are moves afoot to arrange a local referendum, probably to call for a reduction in councillors allowances and fat cat’s pay. Personally I think I’d prefer the toilets vote mentioned in the Shopper’s letters columns this week. The opening salvo will be sent in the direction of council leader O’Neill quite soon. Under the Local Authorities (Referendums) (Petitions & Directions) Regulations 2000, 8,653 signatures are needed to force a referendum. Not my scheme but I will lend support obviously. Expect every conceivable obstacle to be put in its path by Bexley council.

Returning to the subject of the infamous letter I hear that I am not the only local blogger to have received one. His is even weirder than mine, didn’t even get his name right apparently. If you are happy to have your computer screen peppered with bad language you can read what he has to say about it here but the basic complaint is that this blogger is accused of putting stuff on the Bonkers site. Totally untrue. I have used someone else’s input on the Bonkers blog but that was someone completely different. The local CID have done a grand job of investigating this one; I’m inclined to think they don’t really want anything to do with it.

Before the end of the day I shall revert back to the old banner heading for the blog. The harassment letter may show as a scrolling strip in your web browser but in its raw state on my computer it displays full size and leaves me with very little screen space to write the text. So just because it is a thorough nuisance to me it has to go. It will remain on ‘non-blog’ pages for a while longer because I don’t have to edit them very often so it’s currently doing no harm.


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