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Bonkers Blog April 2011

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6 April - The Inspire Community Trust

The Inspire Community Trust (ICT) is yet another of those quasi-quangos registered as charities to which Bexley council has sub-contracted so many of its services. One must wonder why Moneybags Tuckley has to be paid as much money as he is when so few of the council’s responsibilities are left for him to manage. Olly Cromwell, famed for being banned from the council chamber for filming there, has extracted information from the Charities Commission which shows that the ICT spends nearly 70% of its ‘donations’ on staff wages. Not what most people expect of a charity, but then you are not supposed to know that; the ICT and Bexley council try to keep it under wraps. The ICT website doesn‘t say a word about its charity status.

One of the things the ICT does is issue (via the Post Office) Freedom passes for disabled people. Carole (who I escort most days on the school run) got hers from ICT and was referred back there because her four year old son was judged to be her carer when it was him who called for assistance when his mother’s disability caused an emergency on the way to school. One part of ICT said they couldn’t help the son in his role of carer and referred Carole to another part of ICT which couldn’t give assistance because the son was not disabled. So ICT achieved absolutely nothing; which is not a lot for the near £200,000 it costs Bexley’s taxpayers every month.

Olly Cromwell’s website has more details on who runs The Inspire Community Trust and he is attempting to find out who exactly does benefit from it. The employee on eighty grand a year is one; who are the others?


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