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Bonkers Blog September 2010

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8 September - Bexley continues with its vicious anti-motorist agenda

Next Monday an address I frequently visit in East Ham (Newham council) will be included in a new controlled parking scheme. The cost of an annual resident’s ticket will be zero; absolutely nothing. A visitors’ ticket will be 30 pence a day and their council tax remains low. Contrast that with the fees set by the vultures who control high taxing Bexley. They have just doubled the cost of parking to £70 a year (more in some streets) and visitors are charged up to 30 pence an hour. Naturally the council gave no prior warning to residents who are beginning to protest against this blatant taxation increase and expenses funding operation. Meanwhile the same council has set aside £4 million to pay a firm of consultants to improve the local roads. It’s almost impossible to find any road in Bexley that has been improved in recent years, with one or two exceptions all changes are for the worse. An instant improvement could be made by merely reversing the “crass stupidity”.

Meanwhile, this week brings the usual crop of injustices by a council described in the local paper as “taken over by a mob of nasty, evil people who seem to thrive on other people’s pain and hurt”. They have fined a pensioner half his weekly income because his blue badge was allegedly not visible and a fireman has been fined for parking in a road he wasn’t in supported by a photograph of a car that isn’t his. Our council is managed by heartless jobsworths or in the more colourful language of the local paper, “worthless bags of filth”. Just a reminder of who is Bexley’s transport boss. His name is Peter Craske, a so called Tory councillor and king of their allowance claimers. Suddenly the words nasty, evil, filth and maggot don’t seem to be over-the-top at all.


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