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Bonkers Blog July 2010

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3 July - Bexley council. ‘Courseworks’ - click image for photo gallery (1 image)

Adult Education - CourseworksA beautifully produced booklet has dropped through Bexley’s letterboxes this week and the vast majority, mine included, is headed straight for the recycling bin. Goodness knows what the cost is especially as my friends in Bromley tell me they have all received copies too. Obviously some sort of catalogue of adult education classes has to be produced but why can’t it be more carefully targeted? One to every household in the borough, and Bromley too apparently, seems grossly extravagant.

When I first moved to this borough some 23 years ago, when Bexley’s council tax (rates) was the third lowest in London and not almost the highest as it is now, the adult education booklet was produced entirely on telephone directory grade paper and served its purpose just as well. There is no need for such a publication to look as though it has come off the same presses as Vogue or Cosmopolitan. Such muddled thinking and downright profligacy by Bexley council goes a long way towards explaining why local taxes are five times as high as they were 20 years ago.

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