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Bonkers Blog January 2010

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29 January - Green wheelie bin not emptied again!

I rarely produce much rubbish, don’t know why, maybe it’s because I’m not an enthusiastic shopper so don’t accumulate all that useless cellophane and plastic but it seems to lead directly to my bin not being emptied. There were only three Tesco bags of rubbish nestling at the bottom of my green bin this morning and one of those was only half full. Although the bin was placed alongside those of two neighbours, mine alone wasn’t emptied, though the bin had been moved. My guess is that a Tesco bag at the bottom of a bin is beyond arm’s reach and it’s not worth taking a near empty bin to the lorry and engaging the hydraulic lift; so they take a leaf out of the useless councillor Davey’s book and walk idly by as he does whenever he sees a problem or one is reported to him.

A missed collection doesn’t matter much to me though it’s galling that the only useful service Bexley council provides for my £1,500 a year is the refuse collection and it makes me wonder how many bins are missed. The last failure at my address was as recently as last November so failures are two out of six collections. 33%!


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