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Bonkers Blog January 2010

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1 January - Let’s start the year with a bang! - click any image for photo gallery (4 images)

Car crashed through wall Car crashed through wallYet another road accident in Abbey Road. Reports are that a driver lost control at the bend opposite Elstree Gardens, missed the people waiting at the bus stop and ran away from the scene. What caused the accident is unknown; probably the lack of gritting didn’t help and presumably the police will be investigating. However we do know that a Transport Research Laboratory consultant said the plan to narrow Abbey Road was a recipe for collisions and that Andrew Bashford, the road planning clown who takes pride in making Bexley’s roads difficult for motorists, was aware of the likely consequences. We also know that our cretinous transport supremo, councillor Peter Craske, approved the plan and took no notice at all of any of the wise words of dissent from residents. And we also know that the local ward councillor John Davey thought that the plan was without justification but decided to do what he is does best; standing idly by doing nothing at all. We can only take consolation in the fact that so far no one has been killed by their total lack of common sense and that there is to be an election soon.


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