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Bonkers Blog February 2010

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11 February - Parking penalty targets

At the beginning of the year Bexley ditched Vinci Parking Services in favour of NSL Services Group which now employs the traffic wardens patrolling our streets. One of my contributors has today drawn my attention to the situation in other London boroughs where the same company operates. Press reports indicate they have warned wardens that they may be disciplined if they don’t meet the company’s target of a minimum of 0·9 tickets an hour. Kensington and Chelsea’s councillors are reported to have accused NSL of “breaking statutory guidelines which ban target setting”. Soon after the news broke nearby Westminster stripped NSL of their contract.

Here in Bexley we presumably suffer the same treatment as the Royal Borough. It is perhaps to be expected that a council with a long history of paying scant regard to parking regulations and which tops the revenue raising league tables, should cosy up to a company with similar habits.


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