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Bonkers Blog December 2010

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8 December - She would say that wouldn’t she?

The Star Letter in today’s News Shopper is from Doctor Elizabeth Sawicka and two others who say they support the “temporary“ closure of Queen Mary’s A&E. I’m not qualified to comment on medical matters but I can recognise an attempt to deceive when I see it. Nearly a year ago I made a serious complaint of maladministration by Queen Elizabeth Hospital and received a reply from Dr. Streather, the Chief Executive. It was full of apologies for minor failings but totally ignored the main question; standard practice for bureaucrats these days it seems; so I wrote again and when the reply eventually came Dr. Sawicka signed for the Chief Executive. The two seem to be more or less interchangeable, she is his Director of Emergency Care and probably the architect of the A&E closure, not a doctor as you and I might understand the term.

Sawicka said that she couldn’t answer my question because the doctor involved had moved on. A doctor friend tells me this was just an attempt to fob me off as various registers make doctors easily traceable. If fibbing to patients is Sawicka’s stock-in-trade, then writing to a newspaper pretending to be an independent doctor in support of the Chief Executive must come easily.

A Google search for Dr. Elizabeth Sawicka comes up with an intriguing report. It seems that a doctor Elizabeth Sawicka of Herne Hill was arrested in connection with a scam involving selling stolen chest ventilators back to the N.H.S. for up to £4,700 each. Sawicka was reported to be “an N.H.S. chest consultant”. Coincidence or what? How many Dr. Elizabeth Sawickas can there be in S.E. London? Her husband got two years for the crime. Maybe deceiving a newspaper editor and his readers is small-beer to such a person.


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