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Bonkers Blog December 2010

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2 December - No grit. Useless git - click any image for photo gallery (3 images)

B213, Abbey road. Snowbound B213, diverted 99 bus Councillor Peter Craske, useless git.

More than 48 hours after the first snow fall and no sign of attention to road or footpath by your listening council. This part of the B213 (Abbey Road, Belvedere) has 20 scheduled off-peak buses per hour, some parts have 28, and normally you would see a line of parked cars along the road. Today there are just two which have been stuck there overnight. The ultra-observant may notice that the bus is a 99 which has been diverted from Woolwich Road, Upper Belvedere because that road is impassable to large vehicles. The cost to the local economy must be very considerable and guess which clueless councillor oversees the relevant department. I suppose that all the regular gestapo trapping sites are well gritted.

There was an interesting judgment on the law of libel in the Supreme Court yesterday. It was ruled that the defence of ‘fair comment’ which relied on blogs etc. providing enough information for readers to make up their own mind about an opinion, should be updated to allow for the fact that Twitter and similar facilities do not allow for lengthy presentation of the facts, so in future the full story need not be published along with the comment. I shall endeavour to continue to provide pictorial and documentary evidence of Bexley council’s failures.


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