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Advertising on this website

I am not an enthusiast for advertising appearing on Bexley-is-Bonkers but exceptions may be made for local businesses meeting the following criteria.

• The sole premises will normally be located within the London Borough of Bexley.
• The business will be privately owned.
• An advertisement must be in the form of an image file with dimensions of 258x136 pixels (width x height) and be readable when resized to 240 x 145 pixels. All standard image formats supported.
• Advertisement may be linked to a company website.
• Advertisements will appear only on Blog pages and not at all if the viewing device is set to a 480 pixel wide screen size.
• Acceptable advertisements may be withdrawn at any time.
• There will be no charge for advertisements deemed suitable for publication.
• The conditions of acceptance may be changed without notice at any time.

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