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Welling Corridor Improvement Scheme

A photographic diary - Week 15

Index - Week 16
Bellegrove Road, Welling
Resurfacing near Hill View Road.
Bellegrove Road, Welling
Bellegrove Road surfacing complete and awaiting road markings.
Bellegrove Road, Welling
On the south side of the road most crossovers have been rebuilt. On the north side only a few have been done. This one and others will be left undone under the scheme.
Bellegrove Road, Welling
Design on the hoof; or common sense at last? The mystery pole of Week 3 in the middle of the pavement has been removed (see mark on ground) and the sign has been attached to the nearby lamp post.
Bellegrove Road, Welling
The only sign of work in Welling Way is the pavement extensions to Coniston Avenue, which remains closed.


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