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Roads and parking index

Parking issues

Harassment of residents - Four year saga of attrition by Bexley council
Illegal implementations - Ticket first, legal paperwork later
Residents’ Parking Permits
Residents’ Parking Permits - Council’s response
Residents’ Parking Permits - Council's deceit


Abbey Road - Badly managed, ill thought out, dangerous, environmental vandalism
Blackfen Road - Parking wars
Florence Road
Knee Hill - Junction with Abbey Road constricted. On council’s own written evidence, a huge waste of money
Penhill Road - Unnecessary queues
Ruxley roundabout and Maidstone Road - Large lorries cannot get around it. Car parking spaces changed into a bus stop
Woolwich Road

Other road related topics

Bus lanes - Unnecessary bus lane in Harrow Manorway
Planned road works - Bexley council website announcements
Speed cameras
Traffic islands - Stupidity in Blackfen Road
Welling Corridor - Photographic diary of the improvements

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